IMG_0448-1000-2The Linn of Tummel is a series of pools and waterfalls at the junction of the River Tummel and the River Garry. This is a stunning spot with classic Perthshire scenery. Access is relatively easy on a 1km path from the Garry Bridge. The path from the car park follows the Garry down to the point it meets the Tummel. Lots of great picnic opportunities and the chance to see salmon leaping up the natural ladder in the falls if you get the timing right. These photos were taken in July. There is also a good chance of an osprey spot with a nest very nearby.

The Linn of Tummel can also be reached as part of a longer riverside loop from Pitlochry, taking in both sides of the river as far as the Garry Bridge. If the clouds are looking low in the sky this is a good low level option for a longer walk. The extended walk is about 12km and can also be cycled on mountian bikes.

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